team on demandTeam on Demand is our elite and vetted group of commercial real estate professionals and consultants that assist our clients with all types of projects.

Who Can Join Team on Demand?

We accept only the elite to join our team. If you have extensive expertise in the fields below, we would like to extend an invitation to utilize your skills:

• Legal
• Financial
• Research
• Consultant
• Advisory
• Government Officials
• Executive Level (CEO, CFO, COO)

Why Join Team on Demand?

When we accept a new member of Team on Demand to our group, we send a press release to our database and followers and share what new expertise is being brought to the group. Expand your network by working with us.



Don’t have time to register? Upload your profile and we’ll review and fill out the registration for you. We’ll let you know in 24 hours if you’ve been accepted. It’s that simple!