CCREC seasoned real estate professionals bring independent, conflict-free capabilities to help clients formulate strategies and solutions that align real estate portfolios with business objectives – addressing not only current needs, but future goals, as well. We employ a comprehensive approach which allows us to develop peer-to-peer comparisons and identify opportunities to improve ROI helping the organization core businesses.


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Consulting and Advisory Services

CCREC Commercial Practitioners are part of the world’s most productive real estate network, with the latest and best tools to assist you in achieving your business goals. We serve as ideal asset managers, facilities managers and consultants. Through your CCREC Commercial Practitioner, you tap into a vast pool of research, market analytics, metrics and data that can help you leverage your business assets into global business growth. Those are just a few of many benefits of working with CCREC Commercial.

CCREC Commercial Practitioners provide corporate and governmental agencies with strategic options guidance and specialized counsel, and are key advisors for a wide range of consulting services.

We embrace the logic and techniques encouraged by the code of ethics, which serve as a basis for our comprehensive professional real estate services.
• Portfolio Valuation
• Counseling/Property Evaluation
• Transactional Consulting
• Feasibility Analysis/Real Estate Economics
• Fractional Interest Valuation

We provide these services to a wide spectrum of clients…
• Buyers and Sellers
• Corporate Owners
• Developers
• Financial Institutions and Investment Bankers
• Government Agencies
• Insurance Companies
• Institutions and Associations
• Investors
• Landlords and Tenants
• Accountants and Allied Professionals 

Counseling/Property Evaluation

As a consulting firm, CCREC assists its clients in making real estate-related decisions by developing strategies and solutions to assist owners and potential investors in solving problems, improving current and future profitability, and increasing value.We develop the data and analyses necessary for decisions regarding acquisition and disposition strategy, development of marketing techniques and revitalization of underutilized real estate.

In order to facilitate these decisions, CCREC engages in and/or provides:
• Acquisition and Disposition Strategy
• Concept Development
• Divestiture of Real Estate Portfolios
• Highest and Best Use Studies
• Locational Analysis
• Market and Economic Feasibility Studies
• Property Development
• Re-Pricing/Repositioning Strategy
• Supply and Demand Analysis
• Work-Out Planning and Consulting

The role of the counselor has grown with the added complexity and diversity of project development and property ownership. Our clients have come to rely on our pragmatic advice tailored to their needs. In this aspect of our work, we can become our clients’ advocate, and in some cases, undertake certain development or negotiation activities on their behalf.


Feasibility Analysis/Real Estate Economics

CCREC coordinates with highly regarded Certified Financial Analysis CFA, Certified Commercial Investment Member CCIM, & Investment advisors.

CCREC provides the following services:
• Project Feasibility Analysis
• Economic and Demographic Analysis
• Program Feasibility and Review
• Fiscal and Economic Impact Analysis
• Transaction Support and Due Diligence
• Strategic Planning and Portfolio Management
• Implementation and monitoring

Analysis Area:

Radii, Bands, Drive times, Standard Geography, Polygon,
Age reports: Age 50+, Age by sex, by race profile, Detailed age profile.

Business reports:
Business summary report, Business locater report, Business by type and name

Census reports:
ACS population summary report, ACS housing summary report

Comparison reports:
Compare Report Graph, Consumer Spending Reports, Automotive Aftermarket Expenditures

Financial Expenditures:
House and Home Expenditures, Household Budget Expenditures, Recreation Expenditures, Retail Goods and Services Expenditures

Demographic Reports:
Demographic and Income Comparison, Demographic and Income Profile

Executive Summary:
Graphic Profile, Market Profile, Housing Reports, Household Income Profile, Housing Profile

Income Reports:
Disposable Income Profile, Net Worth Profile, Lifestyle Tapestry Reports

Dominant Tapestry Map:
Tapestry Area Segmentation Report, Maps with Data, Color Coded Map

Map Types:
Street Map, Business Location Map, Satellite Map, Hybrid Map, Topographic Map, Flood Map, Flood Map Hybrid, National Geographic, Web Maps

Market Potential Reports:
Electronics and Internet Market Potential, Financial Investments Market Potential, Health and Beauty Market Potential, Pets and Products Market Potential, Restaurant Market Potential, Retail Market Potential, Sports and Leisure Market Potential, Medical Reports, Medical Expenditures Retail Reports, Retail, MarketPlace Profile (Gap Analysis)

All Consumer Spending Reports, All Market Potential Reports, Major Shopping Locator Report, Traffic Reports, Traffic Count Map, Traffic Count Profile, Traffic Count Closeup

Strategic Planning

CCREC Commercial Practitioners are readily available and prepared to respond to your unique needs, helping you cut through the red tape of corporate bureaucracy.

An organization’s executive should take a minute and revisit their organization real estate plan. What will this executive see as the goal of the plan?

The successful strategic plan for real estate activities developed and adopted by the organization should:

  1. Actively monitor organization milestone progress and capture & leverage existing equity and potential equity.
  2. Hedge against potential unfavorable economic, market, and business trends.

To achieve that goal, our team at CCREC will:

  1. Analyze your current (leased or owned) organization real estate portfolio and identify and provide the best possible alternative scenarios to achieve the organization’s goal of the highest ROI.
  2. Recommend the proper type of real estate use to be adopted by your organization based on the differential between the ROI of the core business with the average ROI real estate.

Strategic Planning


Commercial Investments

CCREC Commercial Practitioners adeptly represent all aspects of commercial investments, for both acquisitions and dispositions. We work with not only large investment groups and REITS, but also small or intermediate-level investment professionals. As members of a global real estate network with comprehensive investment and business asset resources, CCREC Commercial Practitioners offer professional market knowledge on local market data, financing and investment strategies.

CCREC Commercial Practitioners understand business, investments, client satisfaction and the sense of urgency in today’s business environment.

Corporate Advisory

CCREC Commercial Practitioners are the ideal partners for corporate real estate directors, guiding the process through feasibility studies, site selections, leasing services and acquisition strategies. We are armed with the latest and best industry data, along with the highest-ranked technology services to assist in valuation, assessments and analysis of real property and assets. Here are just some of the services we offer:

• ASC 840 lease analysis
• Capital lease analysis
• Lease vs own
• GAAP accounting impact on financial statement for corporate
• Capital lease versus operating lease
• Lease exit strategies
• Financial reporting for subleasing
• Valuing leasehold interest and sublease
• Sale-leaseback
• Market trend effect on corporate equity in both leased and owned real estate
• User economic analysis
• Investor analysis
• Real estate investment analysis
• Investment approaches to investment value and/or investment performance
• Tax benefits and strategies
• Real estate market cycle and effect on corporate owned or leased properties
• Economic base analysis
• Optimizing the value of asset during ownership
• Exit plan and timing
• Tax consideration cost recovery, allocation, operation and methods of cost recovery
• Risk and sensitivity analysis
• Hold and dispose alternatives
• Working with major national and international REIT’s providing consulting and recommendations 


Asset Monetization/Sale Leaseback

Our network of publicly traded worldwide investors with over $130 Billion are ready and willing to facilitate your organization’s needs in total confidentiality…. in any form of sale leaseback or built to suit development or redevelopment. It is simply taking your vision to reality.

Why Sale Leaseback?

  1. Monetize the assets
  2. Provides capital to support organization’s strategic plan by addressing the plan’s specific strength or weakness.
  3. Offers greater accommodating scenarios that contribute to organization’s financial strength and outlook.
  4. Enables hedge of the market & economic trends
  5. Recoup Capital gain with favorable structure.
  6. Improve Balance Sheet and credit standing.
  7. Deterrent to Corporate Takeovers. Undervalued real estate on a company’s books often serves as a target for corporate raiders. A timely liquidation through a sale-leaseback transaction may serve as a deterrent, providing management with funding to resist the takeover.

The #1 consideration to utilize sale lease-back is the different ROI of industry core businesses vs. ROI on real estate asset.

A successful strategic plan utilizing sale leaseback will offer many unique advantageous features which would contribute to higher ROI.


Effectively selling commercial properties in today’s market environment poses significant challenges. CCREC Commercial Practitioners have the skills, knowledge and resources to overcome these challenges and maximize the equity in their clients’ properties.

CCREC Commercial Practitioners’ access to global marketing services offers them local expertise in the valuation of commercial property. We are supremely prepared and qualified to handle the sale of your business or property. CCREC Commercial Practitioners also have the best online and offline resources to provide your properties the broadest exposure to potential buyers.


CCREC Commercial Practitioners around the world represent individual buyers, investment professionals, institutional clients and municipalities. We have specialized local market knowledge and access to the most comprehensive, up-to-date data, economic forecasts and trends.

The commercial acquisition process can be complex and fraught with challenges from the beginning. It is difficult to identify qualified properties, manage the transaction and successfully close. Your CCREC Commercial Practitioner is qualified to handle deal structure, due diligence, financial underwriting and transactional processing, which are all critical elements of the acquisition process.

Leasing: Tenant Representation

If your business is outgrowing its current space, a CCREC Commercial Practitioner is your ideal partner for locating space, negotiating the most effective lease rate, and assisting in the strategic planning of your operation expansion.

Your CCREC Commercial Practitioner will assist with every stage in the relocation process, from site consulting and leasing or subletting to strategic planning and asset management. Backed by a successful global network, a CCREC Commercial Practitioner is the best choice to represent you as a tenant.

Leasing: Landlord Representation

CCREC Commercial Practitioners are ideal partners for lease reviews, restructuring and client negotiations. We use the best tools, online and offline, to give your property the broadest exposure possible. On your behalf, your CCREC Commercial Practitioner will conduct thorough searches to aggressively prospect, locate and qualify the best tenants, and then negotiate leasing agreements with the highest rates of return. Your CCREC Commercial Practitioner will also secure tenants to fill your vacant spaces to maximum occupancy levels. Backed by the most recognized global brand in real estate, CCREC Commercial Practitioners can maximize your property exposure and assist with every step of the leasing process.

Assets Management

Our practitioners understand the huge difference between asset and property management. We treat your property as an asset. Handling the property as an asset requires much sophisticated understanding of the value each of the components of the investment that not any property managemer can possess.

CCREC Commercial Practitioners provide across-the-board services for asset management. We handle financial services such as reporting, rent collection and budget management, and coordinate scheduling repairs, maintenance and inspections. You can rest easy while maximizing profits with CCREC Commercial Practitioner on your team.


CCREC Commercial Practitioners are leaders in the industry in development advisory and consulting. We assist in every step of the development process, from strategic site acquisition, to build-to-suit and design build development, to compulsory purchases and leasing or dispositions, for small scale to big box to global development.

With a thorough understanding of local markets, paired with an unmatched global network of Practitioners with specific and exclusive areas of expertise, a CCREC Commercial Practitioner can maximize your business investments and development practices throughout the States.

CCREC Commercial Practitioners offer high-quality creative solutions, flexibility in operations, and a dedication to client care and service. You can find a dedicated and accessible commercial Practitioner who’s happy to assist you with all of your property management needs in virtually any market.

Transactional Consulting

Transactional consulting has become an important facet of counseling for CCREC. We have been consistently successful in marketing select properties, resulting in both timely and profitable transactions for our clients. Our philosophy for success involves preparation of complete, objective and informative marketing packages in which we address those factors a prospective purchaser needs to consider, thus accelerating market response and effectively shortening and/or eliminating contingency periods.

As a transactional consultant, CCREC is effective in providing the following:
• Acquisition and Disposition Strategies
• Lease Analysis and Negotiation
• Lease buyout (Landlord & or Tenant)
• Property Analysis and Packaging
• Target Marketing & Marketing Plans
• Development Coordination
• Transaction Negotiation and Implementation

Our market experience combined with effective due diligence packages has resulted in the closing of valuable transactions.