The CCREC team is ready to team up with your organization to optimize return on investment by developing the proper strategic plan. Our team unprecedentedly offers your organization the art of building corporate empire through real estate monetization.

Building an Empire Through Real Estate Monetization

Shouldn’t an executive have an answer for the following questions? If not, what would be the most important question?


The commonly known real estate activities for any type of organization are listed in the wheel above.

Any of these activities can contribute simply to general expenses or to equity-building. Strategic plans can utilize any and all of the real estate activities to build and strengthen organization empire. For example, while an organization will be forced to lease buyout (tenant) and forced to bankruptcy, another organization’s strategic plan utilizes lease buyout (landlord) and cash equity on lease and assist in building an empire.

An organization’s executive should take a minute and revisit their organization real estate plan. What will this executive see as the goal of the plan?

The successful strategic plan for real estate activities developed and adopted by the organization should:

  1. Actively monitor organization milestone progress and capture & leverage existing equity and potential equity.
  2. Hedge against potential unfavorable economic, market, and business trends.

To achieve that goal, our team at CCREC will:

  1. Analyze your current (leased or owned) organization real estate portfolio and identify and provide the best possible alternative scenarios to achieve the organization’s goal of the highest ROI.
  2. Recommend the proper type of real estate use to be adopted by your organization based on the differential between the ROI of the core business with the average ROI real estate.

Strategic Planning


Your empire’s dream starts from here. Let the CCREC team review, analyze, and provide you with the weakness and strengths of your current organization’s real estate portfolio strategic plan.