Apple Spaceship

Apple Spaceship HQ Construction Cost at Least $1.15 Billion

Cupertino, CA | 10/5/17 — The new Apple Spaceship campus, as many are calling the new tech-giant campus in Cupertino, has cost Apple a pretty penny.

No one outside of Apple knows the exact dollar amount that’s been spent, but permits show they’ve spent at least $1.15 billion on construction alone. This number still doesn’t account for the cost to acquire the land, demolition, and design. Early estimates showed that Apple was prepared to spend up to $5 billion on the entire project.

The most expensive building in Apple’s new campus is understandably the “spaceship”. The 2.8 million square foot, circular glass building cost an estimated $427 million. Apple spared no expense. The building alone cost almost $232 million, and the exterior landscaping and irrigation cost about $85 million.

With the exterior measuring a mile in circumference, the 4-story beauty features 3,000 custom curved glass windows and will eventually hold about 12,000 employees.

The “spaceship” has an underground garage with an entrance tunnel, two outdoor dining areas, and a solar roof altogether costing almost $72 million.

Apple also spent big bucks on the $179 million The Steve Jobs theater, which debuted last month when Apple launched the iPhone X, a $115 million glass office building, $113 million twin parking structures, and a $109 million visitor center.

A nice addition to the campus, was the renovation of the Glendenning Barn, which is a simple redwood barn built in 1916 by the family who first owned the land located lear Wolfe and East Homestead. Instead of moving the barn, Apple spent $360,000 to preserve the building and is rumored to store the landscaping equipment.